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Haptical Car Interface
The „HCI – Haptical Car Interface“ is an innovative concept for controlling in-car content. With touch interactions becoming more and more common in vehicles and haptic interaction interfaces disappearing, the HCI creates an intuitive and safe experience.

The HCI is designed to minimize visual distractions and to keep the drivers‘ attention on the road. Traditional touch controls often require the driver to shift their gaze from the traffic scene to the screen, and thus away from the road. The HCI creates haptic reference points that allow drivers to safely control the car without taking their eyes off the road.

The system consists of various haptic controls, such as dials, sliders and scroll wheels, which are placed on a defined area of the center console. These adapt according to the selected context and provide the driver with the relevant control options. In addition, the HCI highlights the graphical interface elements when the driver touches a haptic element of control to indicate the link between haptic input and interface changes.

The HCI promotes safety by simplifying interaction with the car and minimizing visual distractions.

What I did in this project

… beyond the known methods and skills of designers
  • Model making
  • Screendesign
  • Screen prototype
  • 3D-Printing
  • Entirely
  • Partially

Project Information

Project Partner

Oliver Reiß


Interaction Design B.A.
3rd Semester – Winter 2019


Prof. David Oswald