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Mobile health hub

In 2022, the introduction of e-prescribing has digitalized the healthcare industry and created new challenges for pharmacies and GP practices. 

The sana project demonstrates an innovative solution to these problems. Our goal is to provide primary health care quickly, easily and securely for everyone in the future.

The concept spans a three-phase plan from 2024 to 2030, which includes the digitization and training of pharmacists and patients, the digitization and expansion of the courier service, and the introduction of mobile health hubs.

Sana enables barrier-free healthcare, strengthens pharmacies and general practitioners, and simplifies the pathways between all stakeholders.

Phase 01

Digital literacy for seniors

In phase 1, we lay the foundation for the future. We promote digital literacy among seniors so that they can benefit from future medical services. Our goal is to prepare patients for medical changes in the best possible way and to strengthen their connection to pharmacies.

In this phase, sana provides information about the e-prescription with promoter stands in pharmacies. Sana personnel explain its use to seniors and there are explanatory videos in pharmacies. Sana helps customers reduce digital deficits and lays the foundation for the following phases.

Phase 02

Expansion of pharmacy services

In phase 2, pharmacies adapt their services to the digital transformation. Delivery services are being expanded to meet the needs of patients and facilitate the supply of medicines with consultation. Delivery is scheduled via app.

Sana enables pharmacies to offer traditional services such as prescription dispensing and enhanced counseling services. The app enables scheduling of medication deliveries and personal consultations at the doorstep. This ensures a simple and safe supply of medicines.

Phase 03

Mobile health hubs of the future

Phase 3 makes pharmacies and GP practices ready for the future. Sana mobile health hubs serve as centralized points for various healthcare needs, offering medical consultations, pharmaceutical advice, and medication delivery in one place. Patients can receive in-person or remote consultations with healthcare professionals, with the option to involve specialists via video chat when needed.


In order to illustrate various core aspects of phase two and three, we have designed the sana app.

Complementing the delivery service and the hubs, this is designed to help patients with certain tasks of medication and healthcare. For example, they can manage their prescriptions, order medicines, or book doctor’s appointments.

Order medicine

Medication scanner

Book hub appointment

What I did in this project

… beyond the known methods and skills of designers
  • Screen prototype
  • Screendesign
  • Model making
  • Design Futuring
  • Interviews
  • Finance plan concept
  • Storytelling video
  • Print design
  • Research
  • Entirely
  • Partially

Strategic design project

In this course, interdisciplinary teams work on socio-relevant topics, analyze the macro-environment and develop innovative solutions. They use various methods such as design thinking and scenario analysis to solve complex problems. The goal is to develop decision-making and operational skills to successfully implement projects in different contexts and to understand the impact of strategic analysis on ideation and product development.

Strategic management

In this course students are taught entrepreneurship and business soft skills. This includes topics such as business strategy, business model development, business functions (HR, marketing, sales, accounting), strategy execution and legal aspects. The teaching objective is to provide an understanding of these concepts, develop soft skills, and strengthen skills to start and manage their own business. Students gain insight into business development, team management and resource integration.

Project Information

Project Partner

Lucca Strecker
Sebastian von Westernhagen
Yvonne Weimar


Strategic Design M.A.
1st Semester – Summer 2022


Prof. Dr. Susanne Schade

Prof. Gabriele N. Reichert